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Eco-Friendly Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning

Flying Phoenix is the first laundry company in Indonesia to provide Eco-Friendly Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning technology to retain the quality of customer's garments of leather and delicate nature.

Stainless Steel Body & Powerful Water Hose

All of our Washer-Dryer machines are stainless steel build, including drum and tub, which provides rust-free and increased resistance to external agents, lengthening the washer life and avoiding corrosion problems. Inside the drum is equipped with the newest model Water-Hose that enables powerful water circulation.

Built in Motor Wheel 360 Degree Turn

The drums are supported and rolled 360 degree by built-in motor wheel thus enables the machine to achieve excellent washing efficiency at all angles.

Press Machine

To deliver quality service and achieve excellent efficiency, we use a variety of press-machines to keep our garments well-pressed.

Flat Ironing Machine

Our Commercial Laundry thrive with the use of Flat Ironing Machine that is extremely effective in getting towels, linens, bedsheets dry in shorter time. This helps prevents the towels from becoming dampened by drying delats that can lead to bad smell and easily attacked by germs and bacteria.